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Where To Start?

Hey. You're probably wondering how to get started with this whole AI thing, right? Or maybe you're hoping I can help you be 10% more efficient.
Well...I gotchu!
Here is my carefully constructed collection of free resources that will kick off your AI journey, the right way.

OpenAI GPTs - Ultimate Guide

Learn what OpenAI GPTs are and how you can use them to build your own custom GPT and take you one step closer to financial freedom.


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Who Is Trevor Foya?

Just a guy exploring the limitless potential of AI in the world of business & productivity, one video at a time.

Hey. I'm Trevor

I'm a Youtuber, Entrepreneur & AI Consultant for brands and companies.As a business owner myself, I understand the struggle of managing companies, as well as life. Whilst looking for a way to juggle all of this, I came across AI tools and they changed my life. Right then, I decided to start creating content to showcase this to others.These days I spent a ridiculous amount of time testing out all kinds of AI tools, reviewing them and working with companies, brands and individuals to ensure they are taking advantage of this one-of-a-kind tech.I have a bunch of free resources here and on my Youtube Channel.For a more personalised experience, to solve your particular needs, I do 1-2-1 consulting calls where I guarantee you a solution or you get your money back. So feel free to reach out.


AI Tools

Here is a list of some AI Tools I recommend you check out.

AI ToolLink
Browse AIVisit
Jasper AIVisit
Postwise AIVisit

Trevor Foya

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My premium products are designed to make using AI 10x, no, 100x easier for you.
Made with one goal in mind: save you time & money.

Midjourney Ultimate Guide + 20 Prompts - Free

Level up your artistic game with this dope Free Midjourney Ultimate Guide. You'll learn exactly how to master Midjourney. Plus 20 Free Prompts to get you well on your way to unleashing your inner creative genius.

ChatGPT Ultimate Guide + 20 Prompts - Free

Unlock the power of ChatGPT like a boss with this fire Free ChatGPT Ultimate Guide. Arming you with top-notch tips and tricks to master the art of mind-blowing conversations and unleash your chatbot prowess.

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